Lightweight 4 Wheel Luggage Suitcase 20” 24” 28”


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These suitcases are made from ABS that offer it a unique combination of strength, flexibility, and lightness. The multi-directional wheels and the ergonomically designed telescoping handles are perfect for transporting your necessities when you’re on a business trip or holiday.
Zip pockets inside for storing your items in the order. And they also come with a combination code lock, providing long-lasting usage and safety. If you are looking for a suitcase to store and transport your key items that need safekeeping, this will be a wonderful choice to suit your needs. Various sizes and types await your purchase!

• The durable and sturdy suitcase is made from ABS, providing long-lasting usage and protection whilst remaining super light.
• With a telescopic handle which retracts all the way back inside the case when not in use is convenient to use and carry. It can even place small bags and essentials on top.
• There are two normal handles,  one of the top and one on the side. Convenient and flexible top and side handles allow for easy lifting.
• The 4 wheels with 360 degrees are multi-directional silent spinner wheels, very durable.
• Soft lining cloth can better protect your luggage from scratch and dust, prolonging their service life.
• It is with a security combination lock with 3 digits, can keep zips together for increasing more security.

Pattern Suitcase:
• Material: ABS
• Trolley Handle: Iron
• Wheel:360 degree 4 double wheels
• Handle: Soft handle
• Frame:Single Zipper
• Lining:210D
• Hardshell thickness:2.4/2.6/2.8mm

Printed Suitcases:
• Material: ABS+PC film
• Trolley Handle: Iron
• Wheel:360 degree 4 double wheels
• Frame:Single Zipper
• Lining:210D
• Hardshell thickness:2.6/2.8/3.0mm

Small 20 Can carry 20kgs
Medium 24 Can carry 25kgs
Large 28 Can carry 30kgs


Small 38 L
Medium 60 L
Large 92 L

Product Dimensions

Small 20 Inches
Height 56 cm
Length 36 cm
Width 22 cm

Medium 24 Inches
Height 66 cm
Length 44 cm
Width 26 cm

Large 28 Inches
Height 77 cm
Length 50 cm
Width 30 cm

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London Eye (BA-0128), Model XHA158, XHA147, XHA131, XHA123, XHA087


London Eye (BA-0128), Black (Ba-0088), Deep Purple(Ba-0089), Navy (Ba-0090), Sky Blue(Ba-0091), Black (Ba-0073), Dark grey(Ba-0077), Mei Red(Ba-0076), Old Blue(Ba-0075), Sky Blue(Ba-0074), Black (Ba-0112), Dark Purple(Ba-0116), Navy (Ba-0115), Silver (Ba-0114), Sky Blue(Ba-0113), Black (Ba-0092), Old Blue(Ba-0094), Pink Purple(Ba-0096), Rose Gold(Ba-0095), Sky Blue(Ba-0093), Black (Ba-107), Brown (Ba-109), Deep Purple(Ba-111), Navy (Ba-110), Peach (Ba-108)


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